Load Banks Resistors Relays



In 1930 J.R. Longstaffe Limited was formed by none other than Jack R. Longstaffe. With himself as the sole employee his mission was simple: to develop and manufacture world class quality electronic components and provide expert service to the electronic industry using extensive research and development for the Canadian market.

In 1931 J.R. Longstaffe Limited began to manufacture under license resistors for International Resistive Company (I.R.C.). By 1939 increasing resistor sales demanded a move to a larger facility. Amphenol was created in 1939 for the government’s Research Enterprises Limited whose motto was: "the difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer."

In 1943 Copper Wire Products for coil windings and speaker production was formed. In 1951 a license agreement with Struthers-Dunn to manufacture relays in Canada was established. In 1952 Renfrew Electric and Refrigerator Company was purchased. This organization manufactured Barnett refrigerators and Canadian Beauty household appliances since the turn of the century. Pass and Seymour (P&S) came on board in 1952 producing wire devices.

Bringing all the companies under one umbrella in 1959 J.R. Longstaffe Limited was officially changed to what we know as today Renfrew Electric Company Limited.

In 1962 Renfrew Electric Company began under license to manufacture Cinch-Jones connectors. Contract manufacturing began to take more prominent roles during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In 1980 we began to manufacture under license Syracuse Timers of Syracuse, New York.

In 1990 Renfrew Electric became an official distributor of Magnecraft Relays of Chicago, IL.

In 1991 Renfrew Electric became an official distributor of Infitec Timing Controls of Syracuse, New York.

In 1997 Renfrew Electric began to manufacture Renfrew Resistors and Renfrew Terminal Blocks under our own name brand.

A natural transition in 2003 Renfrew Electric produced an industry first by introducing Quikload Resistors.

And as a follow up, in 2004 Renfrew Electric Load Banks was unveiled.

We are proud of our heritage and our products. Today we take the same pride in our distributing, manufacturing and product development as we always have. Firmly committed to a vision of product advancement, stringent quality control and incorporating new and better techniques which result in quality products, top of the line service, great pricing and quick delivery.